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Technology Expresso covers BDPA Connect16

BDPA Connect16, Atlanta, Ga. in full effect!! Stay here for imagery, podcasts and more hot off the Barista by Tech Expresso Visit our Social Media page for a blast of our multimedia activity and minute-by-minute coverage of the  BDPA National events. visit bdpa.org for a full list of activities, including the career fair. Bookmark this post for…
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Color Me STEM

COLOR ME STEM FUNDRAISERDiversity and Inclusion isn't something that happens by accident
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Technology Expresso Meets Lifestyle Learning for Students

Technology Expresso Meets Paris Gamble of Lifestyle LearningLifestyle Learning® is an approach that focuses on using a student’s future lifestyle as motivation to make education and career choices. SummaryAs a father, Paris saw an opportunity. Listen to his story as he discusses with Jacqueline how he and his talented counterparts capture the attention of young…
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Diversity In Action, Advancing STEM Professionals and Students

Technology Expresso is proud to be partnered with Diversity in Action Diversity in Action is a print/digital magazine and website that reaches STEM professionals and students who are women, African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American; veterans and active military; people with disabilities; members of the LGBT community, or members of other diversity groups. In…
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Virtual STEAM Campus

Technology Expresso is giving away FREE STEM Career Accelerator Tickets Press Release: 29 October 2016   Technology Expresso is giving away FREE STEM Career Accelerator tickets!!   Technology Expresso is saying ALL ABOARD during the month of November to anyone 18-28 that wants to explore careers in technology. The program which is set up to be…
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The Technology Expresso Bookstore Is Now Open

The Technology Expresso Bookstore Is Open for Business   Read 1       WELCOME Our efforts here in the bookstore is to expand the knowledge of roles in IT such as Project Management and Business Analysis. We will showcase publications  from guests of Technology Expresso Cafe Radio, and others we support and promote the…
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ProDivNet Virtual Career Fair

Join Professional Diversity Network and military veterans globally at the three day virtual event. At Professional Diversity Network, we know that career advancement directly relates to the professional network that you cultivate. Join us for a unique, complimentary event designed to give diverse professionals a chance to network, socialize and increase your career success. Engage…
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Biologue Dekalb Candler Exchange Center 2015

Gladys Delancey-Bolding introduces Biologue to the Atlanta communities through her Stem Fair for Girls workshops. This 2015 event was held at the South Dekalb County Community Center. Play our Youtube video link below for more on this event. Stay tuned for more Biologue events. Read more and follow additional Biologue activities at their website http://www.biologueprogram.com/index.html. Read more on the…
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BDPA Connect 2016

BDPA Connect16 National Conference and Career Fair,  Atlanta, Ga. 10-13 August 2016 Each year. BDPA members from across the country converge to bring awareness to its shared mission with guest speakers, celebrate and honor the successes and contributions of members, sponsor corporations, and partnered organizations alike, and provide opportunity and exposure through its  almost 2-day career…
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