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Virtual STEAM Campus

Technology Expresso is giving away FREE STEM Career Accelerator Tickets

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Press Release: 29 October 2016
Technology Expresso is giving away FREE STEM Career Accelerator tickets!!
Technology Expresso is saying ALL ABOARD during the month of November to anyone 18-28 that wants to explore careers in technology. The program which is set up to be a monthly pay as you go program, will wave all fees as they completing their final sprint of beta testing.   What that means is that you can set up a profile and use their resources and even earn education credits and recognized certifications in the IT industry for FREE, in exchange for you providing comments, exploring the various features and giving suggestions on how to improve the website.  The rest is up to you as you apply the Technology Expresso mantra which is Listen, Learn, Leverage and Launch you career or even your vision for a business.
Our highly interactive website is a hub and virtual meet up for a continuing education campus.  As a matter of fact, although our target audience is typically 18 - 28,  anyone can also create a profile and utilize the site to transition from an existing career field into Information Technology (I.T.)
Technology Expresso incorporates infotainment and gamification learning tools along with social media to make learning convenient and engaging.  Many people shy away for Technology and other STEM related careers.   Jacqueline and David Blackman have thirty plus years each in the industry and still love what they do.  So much, that they created the platform as an on ramp to the digital job market for people who don't consider themselves technical.
STEM+Arts, also known as STEAM is the hottest, growing job market and with all of the demand brings higher salaries than other industries.  The T in STEM represent technology and the Blackman's (aka the Digital Duo) found that everyone can relate to technology.  It's hard to live in the current environment and not be exposed to technology, gadgets, tablets, smart phones.  You can't check out at the grocery story without encounter a number of I.T. hardware and software Point-of-sales (POS) devices.  So by introducing people to STEM via Technology, it eases them into what other options are out their.
"We see how it boosts peoples confidence when they realize that they can speak and learn the digital language and concepts.  Once they start having confidence, they stop limiting themselves and then they are off and running.  There is no stopping them, it's #fullSTEAMahead.
Technology Expresso is launching their mobile application which allows those who sign up in November to walk around with the Continuing Education Hub and Campus in the palm of their hand.  The Mobile Application can be down loaded from itunes and  Google playstore, just look for Technology Expresso!  All Aboard.......

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